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I crave adventure and strive to capture my surroundings whether near or far. Through my photography I wish to encapsulate the sense of awe and wonderment I felt as I hit my shutter. In sharing my images, I hope to fuel and inspire my viewers’ own wanderlust and help raise awareness on environmental concerns. 

Travel and exploration have always been a passion in my life; recording my peregrinations through photography is a way for me to hold onto memories and show how I view the world. Shortly before travelling to Greenland a few years ago, I put down my limiting point and shoot and purchased my first DSLR and from there, there was no turning back. Wanting to expand my technical knowledge and explore different photography genres, I enrolled in photography school. Whether I’m cooped up in the studio, developing in the darkroom, or hiking in to some remote location, I am at my bliss with camera in hand.

Having completed my photography studies, I have returned to school for Geography with a focus on Environmental Studies. In combining my photography and exploration passions and talents with my expanding knowledge and research, I hope to do my part in helping to not only protect the fragile landscapes I love and am inspired by, but to also encourage others to look at the affecting issues and take action in hopes that future generations may behold the same wild and natural beauty for themselves and not just a faded photograph.